Feeling the power

First time at the darts last night and really got caught up in the atmosphere (even if it was £4.80 a pint. c’mon O2!).

There must be something deep within our human makeup which makes it impossible not to jump up, dance like a twat and grunt ‘oi oi oi’ when this comes on.


However, it wasn’t a great night on the punting front. Despite decent efforts from The Machine and The Wizard, Taylor added the 2012 Premier League to his fifteen world titles and my misguided sell of The Power before a dart was thrown a few months ago reached its inevitable conclusion (i.e. a pony down the drain).

Still, the cricket is a bit more positive. Chanderpaul clung to the crease like a crab on a rock (literally) yesterday and my buy of his series runs at 235 is looking good. Whilst it would have been nice to see Shiv reach his ton this morning, the fact that Broad snared Gabriel off the ‘Angel’ and the day’s first nut added a welcome 25 points to the Windies ‘Zero Tolerance’ index (bought at 80 for the series).

Elsewhere this weekend, I’m tempted to get with West Ham in the Playoff Final (0.65 over Blackpool) and, for some reason, I’ve got a feeling that Torres might go some way to repaying that £50 million; even though he is likely to start on the bench, I’ll be going long on his goal minutes at 16.


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